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Have you ever considered ...
                    ... religious life ?

Is this something that draws you? Questions you? Unsettles you ?
Does it leave you feeling peaceful, happy, bewildered, alone?
However you feel that’s ok, you are not alone and there are simple steps you can take individually and with others that will help you discover if religious life is for you.

Here are some suggestions

  • Take a bit of time to pray and nurture your relationship with God. This relationship is at the centre of your call.
  • Gather information about religious life and different groups of sisters / brothers
  • Relax. Although it’s natural to feel tense around a decision like this, remember that at this stage you are just finding out more, not deciding forever.
  • Talk to someone you can trust. It can really help sort out what is going on inside.
    If you don’t know anyone you can tell, feel free to . We would be pleased to support you in your search.
  • Consider your motivations and feelings as honestly as you can. Remember, you take yourself wherever you go! Keeping a journal can be a good tool for uncovering more.

More specifically, if you are interested in becoming a La Retraite sister, we invite you to explore it confidentially with us. We welcome enquiries and are happy to share our lives with you as you explore further.

Above all, just be yourself. Now, take a first step…….