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Our Spirit

So what’s different about La Retraite?

What marks us out from any other group responding to God’s call?

It goes deeper than what we do or where we live, and is about who we are ….. both individually and together.

The centre of our life is about a personal and loving God that is both mighty and tender, real and hidden, reassuring and challenging …..

In our lives, we seek to discover and hold fast to this God, still alive and at work in our world.

And what we seek for ourselves, we also seek to share with others, putting our discoveries and resources at their service.

Like any other group, we have things which help us achieve our aims and constantly challenge us to deepen our faith and commitment. Among them, there is the experience itself of the love and faithfulness of God, our Rule of Life, our communities (small groups of Sisters living together) who share and challenge one another and, through Ignatian spirituality, we discover a valued way of living by the Spirit in our day to day lives.