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Knowing God's Presence

Here are a couple of ways we can explore this. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone.

Meaning in Life . It may well be that you recognise moments when you feel really alive, know that you make a difference, etc. but don’t name it as having ‘meaning in life’ or a ‘raison d’etre’. That’s possibly because you expect meaning in life to be always really evident to you, and get down or lost when you cannot see it clearly or lose touch with it. Try out this thought : we can all lose touch with or never seriously search for our ‘meaning’, but that doesn’t stop it being there inside us all along! However, we do need to tune into its various expressions in daily life and start realising that it has simple versions as well as great ones.

Action : Have a quick think about a friend and jot down how you would describe what’s great about them. Rejoice - not only have you a good friend, but you too really have something to offer. Name something simple that you, too, can do. Remember, God has given you a specific way of being in this world that no-one else has. Rejoice! You’re getting in touch with your inner meaning. How would you now define ‘meaning in life’ to somebody else?

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