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Rule of Life

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Congregations usually have a document which outlines the how’s and why’s of their life-style: a Rule of Life. It is an official Church document which a member of the congregation declares that s/he will live by. Despite its name, rather than a set of rules and regulations, this is our inspiration by which we try to live.

Below are extracts from our current Rule of Life (RoL)
for a Sister of La Retraite :

“The name ‘La Retraite’ signifies that in our lives, as in the different forms of our ministry, we recognise the importance for every person of standing back from the concerns of everyday life in order to

  • seek inner stillness and to listen
  • discover the meaning of what one is living
  • recognise the forces of life and death in and around oneself
  • make choices in freedom

All this we live fully in the contemplation of Christ in his mysteries and at work in the world. (1-6)