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“Passionate proclaimers of His word” for 25 years.

These stirring words in the opening song reflected something of Moira McDowall and Marie-Annick Le Gallo as we gathered in chapel on 1st January to give thanks for their 25 years since proclaiming first vows in La Retraite.

‘We’ were the Under 60’s come together between Christmas and New Year at Versailles to reflect on inter-cultural issues and globalisation, but in common with the rest of France, we were in celebratory mode to start the New Year.

Moira and Marie-Annick live in Ireland and France respectively, others came from England and Cameroon, and just as we had woven our lives together in listening, laughter and debate, so we prayed together and wove together our scarves in a colourful image of our lives in La Retraite.

We reflected on texts from Oscar Romero and Simone Weil, sang of the presence of God in our everyday lives, and prayed that each may continue to be “living celebrations of His promise” for at least another 25 years in this constantly changing and challenging world.

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