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The Creation Story, story of a creation-centred retreat this summer at Emmaus House, Clifton

 For several years now one of the summer retreats at Emmaus House has had an ecological theme, focusing in some way on creation and the natural world.

Fr Michael Healy who, together with Sr Ann O’Sullivan, RLR, guided this year’s retreat, wrote this short description for Clifton Diocese’s e-news and we’re delighted to publish it on our website as well. For the original article please go to www.cliftondiocese.com

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Our 6 day Creation-centred Retreat at Emmaus House has been mirroring the first days recorded in Genesis. Starting with light out of darkness we have been continuing with the waters of life by immersing ourselves in the bliss of baptism. It is said “the Spirit leads the streams of action to the Ocean of being,” when God’s Spirit was seen “hovering over the waters” this brought forth hope for the whole earth as life appeared in abundance. The dry land in turn was ready and ripe for the miracle of growth. “Feed the world” is the constant cry, and yet we in the West hold on to our harvest, so the challenges “to share your bread with the hungry” remains imperative.

“Be curious,” suggested Stephen Hawking at the Opening of the Paralympics Games. He was telling us to look into the sky to see the stars gleaming and the planets swirling in space. “Evening came, and morning” day by day. “And God saw that it was good.”

For the fifth day when the waters were teeming with dolphins and whales, and the birds of the air have taken to flight, what will we do? How can we imagine this wonderful scene in a down to earth way?

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