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mmmmmmmmmmmmm Celtic Serenity in Galway

Sr Moira McDowall is part of the team at the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality & Culture in Galway. Intrigued by the title, ‘Belonging’, of a recent art exhibition at NUI Galway, she went along.... and came home with a picture!



 It was the last day and I’d heard from a friend that there were some beautiful pieces being exhibited in particular by local artist Cathy Hughes. Cathy’s inspiration comes from the West of Ireland, the Celtic soul and the sea and I fell in love with one of her paintings which she had called Celtic Serenity. I also knew that as a centre of spirituality and culture we’d also been looking for ways of developing links with local artists and Galway’s vibrant cultural community, as well as making the centre more attractive to people attending our retreats, courses and workshops. Could Celtic Serenity be a part of this vision?

It was its colours that first caught my eye. There is something amazingly attractive and peaceful about them and as they catch the light they draw you in, not just to the spiral in the centre but out from this too, to the painting as a whole. I find it a painting of great depth that surely speaks to anyone on a spiritual journey desiring to venture further on the journey within.

It seemed perfect for the Centre and Cathy was delighted to know that this is where people would be able to enjoy her painting further. A couple of phone calls to other team members clinched the deal... which is how, as the exhibition closed, I came home with Celtic Serenity tucked under my arm!



For anyone interested in knowing more about Cathy Hughes, her inspiration and her work please follow this link to her website: www.galwayart.ie

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