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Knit a River

Knit a River

Have you noticed that knitting has come back….or perhaps it never went away. For me knitting began many years ago when I was 5 and learnt to make scarves & balaclavas & eventually mittens for the soldiers, sailors and airmen who were protecting us in the 2nd World War. When I was seven I joined the Dorcas club in our school and we knitted together in the dinner hour and sometimes in the shelter when there was an air raid on. I knitted slippers for children while I listened to the radio…and certainly I have knitted my way through many a film, soap, or football match.

So why knit? Well for me I love anything creative, and certainly knitting matinee coats or shawls always brings to mind people. One lovely story I would share is about a lady who was going with her parish group to build a school in Uganda. We knitted and she had car boot sales to raise funds for her flight and the bricks they would need. One of the large white shawls I made was given to a new born baby there. I received a photos of it wrapped round mum, dad and the new baby! So knitting for me is about colour, communication and creation.

Now we are being invited to knit-a-river. Yes, we will knit squares 15cm by 15cm in any shade of blue and they will be sewn together to make a river of blue to raise awareness of the need to save WATER. Why don’t you take up your needles and GET KNITTING!!!

Sister Bridget Arscott.

(Knit a river is a new campaign with WaterAid. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of WaterAid & their vision; a world where everyone has access to safe water and effective sanitation. For more information visit www.wateraid.org or www.iknit.org.uk )