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Six days individually-guided in the Ignatian tradition.

Monday pm – Monday am

6 th – 13 th November 2006

at Shallowford House, near Stone, Staffordshire.

This retreat is based on the Christian scriptures and is open to all who are seeking God. The men and women in the ecumenical team all have training and experience in the spirituality of St Ignatius – a spirituality described as one of “finding God in all things”.

Clay and other art materials are available and a workshop in which these can be explored as a help to prayer is offered at the start of the retreat for those who wish.

For further details, contact:

Sr. Morag Gardham, La Retraite, 12 Clifford Road, Smethwick,

West Midlands B67 5HJ

Tel/Fax0121 434 5184 or mgardhamlaretraite.ws