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La Retraite Final Profession 2nd October 2004

The 2 nd October 2004 was one of the most special days in my life. Surrounded by my family, friends and sisters in the Chapel of St. Columbanus in Galway, Ireland, I made my final vows. Using water as a symbol I shared the meaning Jesus gives to my life and asked to be received, just as I am, with my gifts and my faults into La Retraite forever.

efore accepting me, Hélène Sévère, our Congregation leader, turned to all the La Retraite sisters present, asking them if they agreed to welcome, support and share their affection, life and ministry with me. Hearing their yes was a great moment! Fortified with this and with the support & prayer of all the people there, I prayed the prayer of final vows. A very powerful moment…..and yet not the end of the story. The invitation to live ...