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Supplying library books for the children of Darfur

It’s amazing how friendship can make things happen across the globe!

A Jesuit friend of Sr. Moira McDowall and member of the Jesuit Refugee Service was sent to the Chadian-Sudanese border camps which are welcoming refugees from Darfur. Hearing her talk about his work there so touched another group of friends in Bristol that they asked how they might help.....

And so, for the past year they have been sending books out. Now there are libraries in five f the camps. Although the group had some concerns about what books might be culturally suitable, it appears that the Walt Disney stories are amongst the most popular – from ‘Lady & the Tramp’ to ‘The Lion King’!

The Jesuit Refugee Service team has now left the camps in local hands and the project goes on. Our ‘action’ of sending books for the library is tiny, given all the needs, but it is a gesture of friendship across the globe!