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... an inspirational read

Sacred Reading

by Michael Casey

A friend of La Retraite, Doff Ward, offers us the inspiration
she has found in Michael Casey’s book on the prayer practice of lectio divina.

Calling upon long and richly personal experience of lectio divina, Michael Casey's 'Sacred Reading' is a book likely to appeal to those newly meeting this ancient form of prayerful reading equally with those who have long practised and valued it.

As he traces its history one is taken on an interesting journey rather than furnished with a dry review and he makes an encouraging connection between its theological roots and present day discipleship.  He builds easy bridges between theory and practice and offers the reader the opportunity to discover not only hidden value in familiar and unfamiliar texts, but also to make an appraisal of who they are and where they are in relation to them.

There are many practical suggestions related both to method and material, but they are very much ideas and tips offering guidance from a fellow traveller rather than instruction from a master, deeply rooted though his own journey and discoveries through lectio have clearly been. He has a gift of making a well documented subject a readable book, shot through with true humility, compassion and a touch of humour.

Doff Ward

Sacred Reading by Michael Casey was published by Liguori Publications in 1996


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