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Me Oul Boot

Sr Katie Bergin’s passion in retirement is painting. Here she shares a prayer she wrote to accompany her painting of her ‘oul boot’ and that she used to pray as she walked around the parishes where she worked.

Walk with me my God as I journey on my way


Walk with me my God as I journey on my way,
I bring your love to many folks, to those who’ve gone astray,
I tend the poor, and feed the flock, give time and healing too,
Serving you the best I can, with the little things I do.

Over the years I’ve done my best,
To teach and preach the truth,
With holy water, rosary beads,
And my old pair of boots.

With Bible in the one hand,
For all the world to see,
The other hand was for you, God,
As you walked along with me.

The years moved along so fast,
I’ve travelled many ways,
My back is bent, my hair turned grey,
I’ve reached a ripe old age.

My friends have gone, my old boots too,
In my memory they will stay,
And still I know you walk with me,
As I stumble on my way.


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