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Supports for the journey

These are some ways you can support prayer in your life :

  • keep a journal and review it from time to time
  • praying with others e.g. join a prayer group or pray with friends
  • reading / studying …
    alone and with others, e.g. bible study group, book reading group
  • see if there’s a Christian Life Community near you
    (Ignatian faith/life sharing group)
  • look out for days/evenings of retreat or go and hear a talk
  • find a spiritual director with whom you can discuss God’s action in your life
  • keep an eye on having a healthy balance in life :
    work, leisure, health, prayer, relationships
  • create a ‘prayer place’, a way of starting and ending your prayer time,
    start a notebook for your prayer and jot down significant moments/outcomes …..

Like any relationship, prayer has its ups and downs,
gives and takes energy and commitment – but can become a vital part of life.

Why not do all you can to support it,
support yourself – and leave the rest to God.

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