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Knowing God's Presence

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God was there . Likewise with God. Maybe there are lots of ways you ‘meet God’, but have never named it as such. Try out this thought : You wake up each morning and, for a start, you are alive! During the day, you encounter moments of kindness, courage, patience, gentleness, perseverance, tolerance, integrity in your life or that you’ve seen happening among other people. God was there.

There’s a prayer ‘Ubi Caritas’, which translates as ‘Where There’s Loving-kindness’, and it goes on to say that ‘God is there’. This relates to the first letter of St. John (4:16) who says that God is love; whoever lives in love, lives in God and God lives in her/him. Even the desire for this will help you begin to ‘see’ God in the ordinary things of life.

Action : Take a moment and remember when you were aware of some act of help or patience, a smile or look of kindness, or you saw someone with the courage to do the right thing – and now allow yourself to know that God is in this scene too.