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Our chapter :
A community discernment, and two important objectives.

1. Decide the overall lines of our mission orientation
for 6 years.

A chapter is a special kind of meeting : the group discerns and takes decisions for the whole Congregation, being as open as possible to the Spirit of God.

We shall talk, listen to each other, defend our own points of view, and at the same time keep ourselves in the disposition of listening to God who dwells within and speaks in each of us. And so we shall alternate times of discussion and times of recollection, of silence, when each of us will try to listen to what was said and discussed, and then see how it is in the line of the Gospel. Each will discover what is life-giving for her and the whole community.

And so, in the course of three weeks,
we shall choose and vote on the mission orientation we want to live for 6 years .

The orientation helps to keep us alert and adaptable.
It is not like the policy of a political party, or a trade union,
but a fundamental choice, that we desire to follow together.

Some examples of the Orientations chosen in the past :

Chapter 1994

"Choose life "

A orientation with
a missionary aim
Share ourselves
more fully

Chapter 2000

" Choose life in
an apostolic body’ "

A call to community
as we continue the
missionary thrust

of 1994 :

Chapter 2006 ?

to be discovered

at the end of
August 2006.