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Sr Biddy Arscott

A Psalm of Gratitude for my vocation
(based on Psalm 139)

You know me, Lord and Friend,
You have called me by my name
and I am Yours.
You were there in my youth,
beckoning me, inviting me
with Your loving words
“Come, follow me”.
You were there in the dark days
and the troubles when we were afraid….
You were there to comfort us in illness
and in death.
And you gave me the gift of Faith
in eternal life and in Your immense Love.
You were there when I failed
and You opened another door…
You never let me down.
“Come”, You said.
“You have not chosen Me,
but I have chosen you”
I heard Your voice deep
within my heart and I said “Yes”.

Even when I doubted, when I fell, you did not desert me. You lifted me on eagle wings and said: “Do not be afraid…I am with you”.
At all times, Lord, You have upheld me…to do Your Will is my endeavour, to follow in Your ways with love is my response to Your call.
When I hear Your voice in the Gospel, I am challenged by Your Word which is alive and active.
If I hide from You, You will seek me out and bring me back to You rejoicing.
You are here in Creation, the work of Your hands;
You are here in my community in each one of my Sisters….You are my greatest Friend.
I thank you with all my heart.

How can I repay the Lord for His goodness to me?
I will offer praise….I will try to live in peace, acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with my God who has called me by name to be
a Sister of La Retraite.

Sr. Biddy Arscott

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