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Sr Moira McDowall

What being in La Retraite means to me:

In St. John’s Gospel, Jesus calls himself “the way, the truth and the life” and this phrase is full of meaning for me when I consider who I am as a sister of La Retraite. There is something about the charism which is constantly opening up new horizons, inviting me to look forever beyond what I think I know or understand, and allowing me to penetrate layers of meaning, whether it be in my own life, the lives of others or in the major issues facing society today. It’s not about easy answers, but an awareness of the complexity of us all and the world we live in, our humanness and the choices we may or may not have…It’s a way of seeking the truth and life that Jesus spoke of…It’s a way of loving, not the only way of course, but one which fills me with life and hope.

Sr. Moira McDowall

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