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Sr Elizabeth Shaw

One of my chief loves …

… is working as a registered dance-movement therapist with learning disabled adults whose age, mobility, psychological and physical health range across a very wide spectrum.

I am fortunate to be on a therapy team with people who hold values close to my own. Each therapist believes in the value of an individual’s existence, no matter the shape, size, ability or ethnic background. Dance-movement therapy seeks to improve the quality of life for all our clients on many levels, and we work with whatever the person brings to the session that day (e.g. mood, physical ability, mental and spiritual state).

Building and sustaining relationship is fundamental to our work. Respect, challenge, experimentation, having fun – all these things, and more – contribute to my fulfilling my religious vocation in La Retraite. Why? Because letting a person know they are loved, wanted, important and gift to the world goes some way to expressing what La Retraite is about today. For me, there are aspects of loving development both in dance movement therapy and in our relationship with God (being accepted as we are, encouraged to grow, held in love).

As you can tell, clients and therapists alike are challenged on many levels – and it’s worth every minute.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into one of my very active activities!

Sr. Elizabeth Shaw

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